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Mind Bind Triple-Hole Full Head Mask

BDSM gimp hood with holes for eyes and mouth

Whether you are the slave or the master, the Mind Bind Triple-Hole Full Head Mask is an indispensable item for your BDSM sessions. Because the eyes and mouth are exposed by the three holes in the gimp hood, facial expressions are still visible while you're engaging in extreme bondage play. When worn by the sub, you can see their expressions of humiliation and pain. When the mask is donned by the dom, it gives them the air of a strong and merciless master.

Specs and Features:

  • BDSM full head mask (gimp hood) with eye and mouth holes (3 holes in total)
  • Color options: white, pink
  • Size: free size
  • Material: polyester/polyurethane
€ 9
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