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G Project Niku-Man Onahole

Plump, curvy girl masturbator

For the gentlemen out there who like their girls a little bigger, comes this G Project Niku-Man Onahole. A "niku-man" is a meat dumpling, and true to its name, this masturbator is really fleshy. The firm yet stretchy onahole has a pussy hole with walls that are lined with dozens of nubs and bumps that will entangle and wrap every possible inch of your member. Thrusting with this onahole will create a powerful vacuum effect that will leave you breathless for more. And thanks to revolutionary super-soft Momochi material, this onahole elongates and feels different every time you use it.

G Project Niku-Man Onahole

The box art features a playful and plump anime girl designed by adult illustrator Sumeragi Kohaku. The voluptuous vixen makes the perfect pairing for this bouncy and fun onahole.

G Project Niku-Man Onahole

The G Project Niku-Man Onahole features:

  • Total length: about 140mm (5.5")
  • Weight: around 380g (13 oz)
  • Artwork by Sumeragi Kohaku
  • Includes Pepee lubricant
  • Super soft and stretchy Momochi materials
  • Non-air release hole type masturbator
  • Made in Japan

G Project Niku-Man Onahole
€ 31

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