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Cherry Love Open-Front High-Cut Thong Leotard Gold

Sexy and revealing playsuit for women

The Cherry Love Open-Front High-Cut Thong Leotard Gold matches a dazzling sheen with a very appropriate metallic color, plus the texture of latex rubber that takes inspiration from BDSM. The slinky, barely-there design puts your whole stomach on display and lends a seductively V-shaped frame to your front.

You can shimmer and strut your stuff, showing off your thighs and sides to your lucky partner, plus generous glimpses of your breasts. Turn around and your butt cheeks are there in all their glory, with the thong running in between, and forming a Y shape over your alluring back and shoulders.

Specs and Features:

  • Sexy and revealing leotard
  • Open front with bare stomach and lower/side breasts
  • Glossy sheen
  • High cut
  • Thong back
  • Color: gold
  • Size: M
€ 36

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