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SMart Full Body Harness Red

Tortoise shell bondage restraint

Do you want to restrain your partner's whole body and do with them as you please? The SMart Full Body Harness Red is expressly made for tying slaves up like a turtle shell, restraining them tight around the whole torso. Your sub is then at your complete mercy and has no other choice but to obey your commands. This body harness can be combined with other items from the same series to take your bondage sessions to the next level.

Specs and Features:

  • Turtle/tortoise shell body harness for bondage play
  • Can be used to tie both hands behind the back
  • Color: red
  • Size: free (with adjustable belt)
  • Length: 80 cm (31.5")
  • Weight: 396 g (14 oz)
  • Material: synthetic leather and velour on the bottom for comfort
  • Underwear, rod, and thigh/ankle restraints not included (images show examples of combinations only)
€ 25

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