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Silicone Whip Square Riding Crop

Soft flogger for BDSM beginners

If you want to experiment with humiliation without inflicting too much pain, the Silicone Whip Square Riding Crop is for you. The gentle twinge when the silicone whip comes down perfectly complements the satisfyingly loud clap, and both master and sub can relish in a long session of sweet punishment without worry about injuries. For extra safety, the grip comes with a secure wristband.

Specs and Features:

  • Soft silicone whip/crop suitable for BDSM beginners
  • Gentle whipping with a loud sound
  • Soft type (rating 1/5 on hard scale)
  • Color: black
  • Comes with a comfortable grip, including a wristband for safety
  • Length: 61 cm (24")
  • Eye mask and vinyl bodysuit not included
€ 12