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Back Fire Anus Big Bang Beta Mini Black

Anal beads toy

The Back Fire Anus Big Bang Beta Mini Black features 11 beads that grow in size the deeper you go, though the overall dimensions are compact, so it's suitable even for first-time anal bead users. With a large handle at the end to make it easier to pull it out (the feel of the beads running back and forth along your anus is awesome), while the silicone material is safe, comfortable, and waterproof, meaning hygienic maintenance is also simple.

Specs and Features:

  • 11 anal beads
  • With handle
  • Waterproof
  • Color: black
  • Length: 250 mm (9.8")
  • Bead diameter: 7-20 mm (0.3-0.8")
  • Weight: 34 g (1.2 oz)
  • Material: silicone
€ 15