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Yariman Double Squirting Flood Drink Maca and Sophon

Lubrication-enhancing supplement for women

Whether you need to feel really drenched down there to enjoy vaginal penetration or want to get wet enough to be able to squirt, the Yariman Double Squirting Flood Drink Maca and Sophon turns your pussy into an oasis of moisture and makes it rain! This supplement, that you can simply slip into your drink of choice, helps to usher in a seriously wet squirting session. A pure blend of maca, which absorbs the full blessings of the sun in Peru, and sophon, which revives femininity, this special sex drink soaks you and your partner in slippery love juice.

Specs and Features:

  • Sex-enhancing drink supplement for women
  • For an extra wet pussy
  • 2 0.5 ml (0.02 fl oz) capsules
  • Ingredients: maca extract (from Peru), sophon extract, ethanol
  • How to use: add this product to another drink (alcohol, coffee, tea, juice, etc.) and enjoy
  • Made in Japan
US$ 14

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