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My Wife Type Mirai by Dekunoboo

Plush doll foam cushion

US$ 698

To purchase a My Wife Mirai doll, please see our new product pages per Body Type: Type G or Type S.

Another in the superior Dekunoboo "My Wife" series of torso plush dolls, Mirai is a bright and big-eyed gal with succulent, enormous breasts. Very durable and squeezable, you will also have fun dressing (and undressing) Mirai in sexy underwear of your choice. If you like your ladies more realistic, that is, with reasonable hips and something to hold onto, then this doll will appeal to you. Mirai is slim and sexy, but she's not a tiny cosplay girl either. But she can still be your wife!

My Wife Type Mirai by Dekunoboo

The My Wife Mirai features:

  • Height: about 90cm (35.4")
  • Bust: about 80cm (31.5")
  • Waist: about 48cm (18.9")
  • Hips: about 96cm (37.8")
  • Includes dark semi-long wig
  • Includes vaginal hole (no onahole included)
  • Recommended onaholes are available below
  • As they are made to order, Dekunoboo dolls cannot be canceled after an order has been placed. Please allow some extra days for delivery.

Available Options:
Optional Onahole:  

US$ 698

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