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Usahane Air Dutch Repair Kit

Sex doll maintenance set

We all like to get carried away sometimes. And no matter how careful or loving you are with your favorite air doll, there is always going to be some wear and tear, especially at the joins, bust or crotch areas. Well, it needn't spell the end of your relationship since with this Usahane Air Dutch Repair Kit you can tend to her wounds and insure she will be ready for your next close encounter.

Usahane Air Dutch Repair Kit

There is bonding lotion and plastic repair sheets which can be used to mend damage or tears, plus a a spatula and mixing cup so you can provide all the maintenance she needs. After all, she's worth it!

The Usahane Air Dutch Repair Kit features:

  • Designed for use with Usahane but can be used with other air dolls
  • Includes: plastic repair sheets x 4 (two sizes), bonding lotion, spatula, cup
  • Do not use with silicone dolls

US$ 6
Shipping weight: 0.2Kg / 0.44lbs

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