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Ultra-Thin Stretchy Boxer Shorts Black

Low-riding boxers for women

We all know that a Little Black Dress is an indispensable item in any lady's closet, but how about some Little Black Boxers? The Ultra-Thin Stretchy Boxer Shorts Black are not only very comfortable to wear because of the breathable, smooth texture and high elasticity, but also so low-riding that they mischievously show off a hint of the wearer's butt crack. These panties are great under skirts and add an extra dimension to your outfit when combined with low-riding pants and a crop top.

Specs and Features:

  • Stretchy, very low-riding boxer panties for women
  • Cameltoe effect
  • Color: black
  • Size: M, waist 58-70 cm (23-28"), hips 87-95 cm (34-37")
  • Material: nylon, polyurethane
  • Made in Japan
  • Top not included
US$ 17

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