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Twentysomething Japanese Girl Used Panties

Young woman's worn underwear

US$ 13

A Japanese girl's twenties are a special phase in her life. She spends them trying to find a partner, figuring life out, and having lots of fun! With the Twentysomething Japanese Girl Used Panties, you can support a certain young woman's economic stability while experiencing her body very intimately. As each pair of panties is different, you can enjoy the anticipation of which one you'll receive and, once they arrived, take in the sweet scent of her privates.

Twentysomething Japanese Girl Used Panties

The Twentysomething Japanese Girl Used Panties features:

  • Japanese girl smell fetish
  • Replicates feel and sensation of used panties
  • 1 pair of underwear/panties
  • Surprise design and color
  • May vary from image
  • Please note that this item cannot be returned
US$ 13

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