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Tera Hipper

Ass buttocks masturbator with panties

This life-size is for the guy who likes a good ass and who loves slipping it in while she's still wearing panties. We've all had that fantasy of the quickie, the thong pushed to one side by your throbbing member, eager beyond anything just to get inside her as quick as possible. Make that fantasy a reality with this Tera Hipper.

Tera Hipper

It lies down flat on a surface so you can grip either of the round, sumptuous buttocks. But she is wearing one of the pair of slutty panties included with this set that you can seductively take off or you can hastily brush away to get to the goodies. Wait. There's naturally a choice of holes too, so whether you are a backdoor or front hole chap, or someone who likes to mix and match as the fancy takes him, you won't be lacking options with this formidable ass masturbator.

Tera Hipper

The Tera Hipper features:

  • Ass and buttocks double hole masturbator
  • Includes one pair of panties (cannot choose color - may differ from panties shown in images)
  • Size: around 270 x 250 x 140mm (10.6 x 9.8 x 5.5")
  • Weight: around 4kg (8.8 lb)
  • Includes lotion
  • Air release type holes

Tera Hipper
US$ 151

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