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Tenka Itteki Lubricant for Masturbator Toys

Specialist lube for onaholes and pocket pussies

Lubricant is essential when it comes to enjoying your pocket pussy and other masturbator toys, since they don't get wet naturally like a real vagina does. But applying just the right amount of lube to just the right spot is sometimes no easy matter. Fortunately, Ride Japan didn't acquire their reputation as one of the top adult brands in the land for nothing. Drawing on all their years of experience and know-how, they have come up with the Tenka Itteki Lubricant for Masturbator Toys, a lube especially designed for use with sleeves and strokers.

The first thing you'll notice is the long nozzle. This makes it easy to insert directly into the hole of your onahole toy and apply inside, so nothing gets wasted. Next comes the shape of the bottle, which is designed to let you squeeze it gently and extract the optimum amount of lube drop by drop. Finally, the lid ensures that the nozzle is stored perfectly and remains wet (since no one wants to negotiate with a dried and clogged nozzle when you're horny).

Now, what about the lube itself? Ride's R&D team has outdone itself here, creating an ideally textured lotion that isn't too stringy and is simple to wash off, which is what you want with masturbators. It also boasts Ag+ silver ions, which help to combat bacteria (since we know that pocket pussy toys can be tricky to clean and dry, leading to the onset of mold and other nasties).

Specs and Features:

  • Designed for use with masturbator (onahole) toys (pocket pussies, strokers, vagina sleeves, etc.)
  • Long nozzle suitable for applying directing to toy hole
  • Easy to squeeze out drop by drop
  • Long lid that ensures the lubricant in the bottle doesn't dry out
  • Contains Ag+ (silver) ions with antibacterial function
  • 400 ml (13.5 fl oz)
US$ 9

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