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Sweaty Armpit Smell Spray

Female sweat aroma fetish item

The Sweaty Armpit Smell Spray bottles up that secret fetish aroma: a beautiful young woman's sweat that collects in her armpit over the course of the day and night. Far from being something unsightly and unpleasant, connoisseurs know full well how sensual and sexy sweat is, and adding some of this fragrance to your clothing or bedding provides an amazing accent. Spray it on your pillow and enjoy nights of dreaming about those hot, sweaty armpits.

Specs and Features:

  • Sweat/armpit smell fetish
  • Recommended for use with pillows, clothing, etc.
  • Check stain risk before using on clothing items
  • 12 ml (0.4 fl oz)
US$ 15

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