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Super Men's Tie Barb Adjustable Penis Loop

Cock ring loop with two stoppers

The Super Men's Tie Barb Adjustable Penis Loop is a cock tie with two stoppers, allowing you to wrap it simultaneously around your shaft and balls in a range of positions. The silicone texture ensures the tie is sturdy and durable yet also flexible and comfortable to wear, while still retaining the right degree of tightness. The name derives from the barb-shaped lock parts along the loop.

Specs and Features:

  • Adjustable penis tie/loop
  • 2 stoppers
  • Easy to tighten
  • Total length: 195 mm (7.7")
  • Total width: 50 mm (2")
  • Adjustable diameter: 25-90 mm (1-3.5")
  • Weight: 22 g (0.8 oz)
  • Material: silicone
US$ 7

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