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Strong D Sea Snake Sex Supplements for Men

Powdered black-banded sea krait

The Strong D Sea Snake Sex Supplements for Men contains powdered Okinawan black-banded sea krait (erabu), an ancient ingredient long known for its sexually enhancing properties, combined with the mamushi (Japanese pit viper), seahorse, and softshell turtle. The Strong D Sea Snake is a pack of five tablet sets, so you can enjoy the benefits of this old erection-boosting remedy for almost an entire week of sessions.

Specs and Features:

  • Boosts erections and sexual performance for men
  • Contains powdered black-banded sea krait (from Okinawa), powdered Japanese pit viper, powdered softshell turtle (from Okinawa), powdered seahorse extract
  • Contains amino acids (42 types), vitamins, minerals
  • 10 tablets (5 pairs of tablets in hard capsule)
  • Recommended intake: 2 tablets
US$ 21

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