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SMart Thigh Shackles Red

BDSM bondage leg restraints

With the SMart Thigh Shackles Red, you don't only make it harder for your sub to resist you by tying their thighs together. You can also forcibly spread their legs by attaching a chain or rope to the handy hooks, and then tying those to a heavy object. Your slave is fully exposed and helpless in your hands. The thigh shackles can also be used in combination with other bondage toys from the same series.

Specs and Features:

  • Leather thigh restraints for BDSM play
  • Can be attached to bed posts, etc. and used to spread the legs
  • Color: red
  • Size: free (with adjustable belt)
  • Length: 49 cm (19.3")
  • Weight: 224 g (7.9 oz)
  • Material: synthetic leather and velour on the bottom for comfort
  • Underwear, eye mask, mouth gag, body harness, nipple clamps, rod, and neck/wrist/ankle restraints not included (images show examples of combinations only)
US$ 27