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Sitting Love Doll G Natsune by Dekunoboo

Foam cushion sex doll

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From love doll makers Dekunoboo, this sweet and highly versatile Sitting Doll G Natsune is crafted from a very soft and flexible foam cushion material that makes for a lightweight, pliable and reasonable dutch wife toy. The "G" in this body series stands for "glamorous" and we can see why! The busty Natsune can be your companion in those dark, lonely nights, a superb and willingly participant in missionary, cowboy, doggy and so much more. Tie her legs together with a belt or scarf to add extra fun.

Sitting Love Doll G Natsune by Dekunoboo

She has been designed specifically to be good at a variety of copulation positions and you will have lots of fun discovering how she can be manipulated. This is an all-in-one set of arms, legs, Natsune head and wig, so all you need to do is slip in any basic onahole to complete your experience.

Sitting Love Doll G Natsune by Dekunoboo

The Sitting Love Doll G Natsune features:

  • SC-0049 foam cushion love doll from Dekunoboo
  • Body length: around 125cm (49.2")
  • Bust: around 90cm (35.4") (C-D cup)
  • Waist: around 65cm (25.6")
  • Hips: around 89cm (35")
  • Weight: around 2.8kg (98.8 oz) (with head, hole etc)
  • Shoe size: around 22.5cm (8.9")
  • Clothing size: medium
  • Onahole not included (see recommended onaholes below)
  • Please wrap onahole in towel or bag to protect the doll's material from leakage
  • As they are made to order, Dekunoboo dolls cannot be canceled after an order has been placed. Please allow some extra days for delivery.

Sitting Love Doll G Natsune by Dekunoboo
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