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Silk Labo The Best Collection 3

JAV Japanese porn for women

From Silk Labo, the Soft on Demand porn label that makes Japanese porn specifically with female viewers in mind, The Best Collection 3 is 240 minutes of your favorite Japanese male porn stars being gentle and sensitive with their partners. Taking the very best from the Silk series released over 2012 and 2013, this unique omnibus demonstrates that there is another kind of Japanese man: caring, tender, taking it slow.

Silk Labo The Best Collection 3

Watch as eight stories of love and sex unfold, with these delicate men massaging, caressing and pleasuring their partners in the best ways possible. Directed by a woman (Hiroko Sobue) and starring the top echelon of male Japanese performers in their fields, this is a must-have for fans of Silk Labo.

Silk Labo The Best Collection 3

Silk Labo The Best Collection 3 features:

  • 240-minute Japanese adult DVD (1silk038)
  • Starring Ittetsu Suzuki, Taito Tsukino, Taiga Kurahashi, Taichi Ando, Yoshihko Arima
  • Directed by Hiroko Sobue
  • Region free

Silk Labo The Best Collection 3
US$ 42

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