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Shibuya-Harajuku Girl's Used Panties Set

Japanese teen's worn underwear fetish item

US$ 40

The original owner of the Shibuya-Harajuku Girl's Used Panties Set is a cute young lady who hangs out between the trendy Takeshita-dori and Cat Street. When she was initially approached by the used underwear dealer, she was a little nervous but when short on rent one month, she soon went back to him with a pair of her most worn panties, and she's been supplying him with regular product ever since. This set contains panties, a bra, and stockings, all allegedly worn at least once by the sexy teen.

Shibuya-Harajuku Girls Used Panties Set

The Shibuya-Harajuku Girl's Used Panties Set features:

  • Contains: panties, bra, stockings
  • Color: random (may differ from image)
  • Simulates look/feel of used underwear
  • Please note that this item cannot be returned
US$ 40

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