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Sexy Female Flight Attendant Costume

Revealing, kinky clothing for women

Leaving little to the imagination and coming in a classic white and turquoise color scheme, the Sexy Female Flight Attendant Costume transforms you into a kinky stewardess ready to induct you into the mile-high club. The low-rise skirt is very tight, fully accentuating the curves of your butt and revealing almost all of your thighs. The top has an exposed bust, topped by a ribbon that directs your attention to your breasts and the kind of service you'll going to receive on your plane.

Specs and Features:

  • For women
  • Flight attendant and stewardess fetish
  • Includes bra, panties, skirt, ribbon/bow
  • Size: women's M
  • Color: white and turquoise
US$ 26

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