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Sei-Syu Schoolgirl's Smelly Socks

Body odor fetish item

The Sei-Syu Schoolgirl's Smelly Socks apparently used to belong to a high school girl, who has recently started selling her used underwear and hosiery to save up for college. Dress your favorite doll in them and it'll be like the girl is right there in bed with you, or simply sniff them and enjoy the way her scent gets you extra hard. Each pair of these socks comes vacuum-packed to preserve their odors, and nothing beats that first deep breath when you open the packet.

Sei-Syu Schoolgirls Smelly Socks

Sei-Syu Schoolgirls Smelly Socks

The Sei-Syu Schoolgirl's Smelly Socks feature:

  • Simulates look/feel of used, unwashed socks
  • With foot scent
US$ 10

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