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Sea Anemone Onahole

Tight stimulation pod

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This onahole might look like something that just came out of a science lab but the Sea Anemone is far from a freak of nature - it's actually an amazingly novel way to stimulate your member in as tight a space as possible.

Sea Anemone Onahole

The shape is just like the eponymous sea creature but a glance inside reveals a snug pod that will wrap around you like it's really alive! The tentacle stimulators stroke and play with you from all sides as you hold the anemone jar as tight as you like. This set also comes with lotion and an attractive wrapping bag.

Sea Anemone Onahole

The Sea Anemone Onahole features:

  • Onahole toy in the shape of a sea anemone
  • Inside is lined with dozens of tentacle-style stimulators
  • Comes with wrapping bag
  • Includes lotion

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