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Schoolgirl Uniform Smell Lubricant

Unique aroma fetish lube

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Conjure up those fantasies of Japanese schoolgirls and their clothes, permeated with the aroma of sweat, perfume, and adolescent hormones. All this and more, thanks to the Schoolgirl Uniform Smell Lubricant, a unique fetish lube by Tama Toys that is awesome for using by itself and your hands or combining with pocket pussies and other sex toys, dolls, clothes and costumes, or a partner.

Schoolgirl Uniform Smell Lubricant

Schoolgirl Uniform Smell Lubricant

The Schoolgirl Uniform Smell Lubricant features:

  • Japanese schoolgirl school uniform fetish smell lubricant
  • Natural moisturizing compound
  • Medium viscosity
  • 120 ml (4.1 fl oz)
  • Made in Japan
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