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Scantily Clad Sailor School Uniform Set Gray

Japanese schoolgirl cosplay costume

School uniforms don't get much more revealing than this! You would never get away with wearing the Scantily Clad Sailor School Uniform Set Gray at a real school (let's be honest, your cohorts and teachers would go crazy!), but that's fine: it's designed especially for extracurricular, intimate lessons in the bedroom. The five-item set is like a condensed, hyper-sexy version of a Japanese sailor uniform, including a barely there top, tiny skirt, bra, panties, and white bow. Wear this skimpy outfit only if you want to make a very big impression on a partner and don't mind showing off a lot of your legs, stomach, bust, and buttocks!

Specs and Features:

  • Japanese schoolgirl cosplay costume
  • Sailor school uniform design
  • For women
  • Color: gray and white
  • Includes top, skirt, bra, panties, bow/ribbon
US$ 34

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