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Rokudenashiko Chinderella Masturbation Pod

Vagina artist Megumi Igarashi official sex toy

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An official collaboration item between "vagina artist" Rokudenashiko (Megumi Igarashi) and a Japanese sex toys maker, the Rokudenashiko Chinderella Masturbation Pod is as cute as you'd expect from the creator of figures and artworks based on her own you-know-what. Igarashi has been arrested by Japanese police for her Dekoman ("decorated pussy") art but she hasn't been deterred from her work.

Rokudenashiko Chinderella Masturbation Pod

Quite the opposite, Rokudenashiko/Igarashi is expanding into the sex toys market! This Chinderella (penis Cinderella) cheeky masturbation aid is very flexible and is lined inside with a nest of stimulating bumps. Just pour in some lube to get the party going. We've seen this kind of snug masturbation pod toy before and they are always effective since their design creates a perfect vacuum seal around your member, ideal for popping you off and allowing your hands to massage the outside just the way you like it.

Rokudenashiko Chinderella Masturbation Pod

The Rokudenashiko Chinderella Masturbation Pod features:

  • Designed by "vagina artist" Megumi Igarashi (Rokudenashiko)
  • Length: 115mm (4.5") (but stretches)
  • Includes lubricant

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