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Premium Cufflinks Handcuffs

BDSM play cosplay set

Featuring a stylish black enamel finish, the Premium Cufflinks Handcuffs from Tama Toys are designed for either men or women. Comprising large wrist-covers, belts, a chain, and button cufflinks, this set is lightweight and excellent for a variety of activities.

Premium Cufflinks Handcuffs

Designed to resemble European handcuffs of old, the whole ensemble can be put on in minutes. Simply apply the belts around your wrists and then use the cufflinks to close the wrist covers over them. Finally, the removable chain can be applied to keep the wrists of your prisoner together.

Premium Cufflinks Handcuffs

The Premium Cufflinks Handcuffs features:

  • Enamel finish
  • Belt and buckle system
  • Cufflinks
  • Removable chain
  • For men or women

US$ 18

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