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Pocchari Girl Voluptuous Used Bra

Busty, curvy fetish underwear

Used panties fetishists with a preference for larger Japanese girls with equally large bust will be happy to see this Pocchari Girl Voluptuous Used Bra. Included is one carefully selected bra apparently taken fresh from the personal underwear collection of a full-figured girl based somewhere in Japan. You can rest assured that the undergarment feels and looks well worn as you fantasize about the original owner. Enjoy them on their own, or share the fun with your partner or favorite doll.

Pocchari Girl Voluptuous Used Bra

The Pocchari Girl Voluptuous Used Bra features:

  • Includes random plus-sized bra
  • Colors and design may vary from those shown (example only)
  • Please note that this product cannot be returned

US$ 11

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