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Orient Industry Real Love Doll Jewel

Petit, fully customizable, luxury sex doll

The Orient Industry Real Love Doll Jewel is one of the best and most lifelike luxury silicone sex dolls the market has to offer: not only does she feel and look great, she is also waterproof and comes with a range of customization options. Enjoy playing with Jewel in both the bedroom and bathtub! Order your dream girl with this fully customizable sex doll from Japan - from her body to bust size, from her wig to face, from nipple color to even pubes: this is a sophisticated sex toy for men who know what they want. Simply pick your favorite options and add the extras to your liking. Of course, you can also use her with your own favorite masturbator or dress her with costumes for an infinite number of looks on her.

Orient Industry Real Love Doll Jewel

Orient Industry Real Love Doll Jewel

Large Body specifications:

Small Body specifications:

Height: 146 cm (4'9")

Weight: 27.5 kg (61 lbs)

Bust: 73 cm (29.7") (D cup)

Underbust: 65 cm (25.6")

Waist: 55 cm (21.7")

Hips: 80 cm (31.5")

Shoe size: 23.5-25 cm (9.3-9.8")

Height: 136 cm (4'6")

Weight: 28.5 kg (63 lbs)

Bust: 68 cm (27") (D cup)

Underbust: 57 cm (22.4")

Waist: 52 cm (20.5")

Hips: 75 cm (29.5")

Shoe size: 22.5-24 cm (8.9-9.4")

Orient Industry Real Love Doll Jewel

Orient Industry Real Love Doll Jewel

Orient Industry Real Love Doll Jewel

Orient Industry Real Love Doll Jewel

Orient Industry Real Love Doll Jewel

Orient Industry Real Love Doll Jewel

Orient Industry Real Love Doll Jewel

With their long experience in producing custom sex dolls, Orient Industry have used a premier-quality frame that makes it possible to make Jewel sit, stand, and lie down in a variety of poses. Position her for an intimate photoshoot or at just the right angle for a lovemaking session.

Orient Industry Real Love Doll Jewel

Orient Industry Real Love Doll Jewel

Customization Options:

  • Body size: small (136 cm / 4'6" tall), large (146 cm / 4'9" tall)
  • Skin color: natural, white, suntan
  • Head/Face: Karen, Kokoro, Shizuka, Meg, Melon
  • Wigs: brown straight medium, brown short bob, brown curly bob, brown bob, brown curly short, dark curly bob, dark straight long, dark straight long 2, dark straight medium, dark straight medium 2, dark straight short, light curly long, light curly medium, light bob, light short bob, natural long bob, natural curly long, natural straight medium, natural straight long
  • Bust: small, large
  • Nipple color: peach, natural
  • Pubic hair: none, thick black, thin black, thick brown, thin brown
  • Optional extras: movable eyes, flexible fingers

Main Features:

  • Features 2 onaholes, nail kit, repair kit, underwear set, anniversary ring
  • Skin material: silicone rubber
  • Internal filler: soft urethane foam
  • Skeleton: aluminum alloy, industrial plastic, brass, stainless steel
  • Waterproof: only submerge doll up to shoulders. If water goes between head and body connection it will damage the body frame

Care & Maintenance

Sex dolls are durable but, just like a real lady, they still need special care and attention. When you are not using your sex doll, we suggest you keep her in a relaxed, horizontal pose (e.g., lying down). However, please be sure to change this pose from time to time. It's best not to leave your sex doll in the same position for more than a month. Please do not keep your doll in a bent position for too long, as this can lead to tension and tears on the inside of the doll, or even damage to the silicone surface. When bending or moving your sex doll, please treat her with the respect she deserves, which means taking things slowly and not bending her by force. We also recommend that you do not keep your doll standing up for long periods, nor bend the joints over about 70 degrees. If you have any questions about how to take care of your sex doll, please do not hesitate to contact us.


We are an officially authorized retailer for dolls manufactured by Orient Industry. We understand that the price for each doll is extremely high for an online purchase and we would like to make sure that our customers can trust us, and that likewise we can trust our customers, during the entire trading process and any eventual post-sales support. We will be glad to provide you with any information about our company and/or Orient Industry to make you feel safe during and after your purchase. We will also gladly support you after your purchase on behalf of and in cooperation with Orient Industry. Please be aware that, due to the nature of this product (each item is manufactured to order), returns cannot be accepted except in cases where the product arrives faulty before usage. The purchaser is responsible for being aware of any taxes or import duties as well as local laws that might not allow the import of life-size dolls. Please do not hesitate to let us know if you have any questions.

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