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Orgasm Guaranteed Cream 2 Infinite Climax

Aphrodisiac gel for women

The Orgasm Guaranteed Cream 2 Infinite Climax is a new release from the popular Orgasm Guaranteed series. As its name implies, after rubbing a little bit of this sensual gel on your clit and pussy, your body takes the wheel. The ointment's active ingredients increase sensitivity and make you come over and over again. So you'd better be ready for a long time of sexy solo fun or hours of pleasure with your partner.

Specs and Features:

  • Sensitivity-enhancing gel/cream for women
  • 12 g (0.4 oz)
  • Unscented/unflavored
  • Clear
  • Ingredients: glycerin, PG, purified water, carbomer, coenzyme Q10 (ubiquinone), Hibamata extract, propynyl butylcarbamate iodide, sodium hydroxide
  • Made in Japan
US$ 12

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