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Onaskin Onahole Condom

Masturbator toy sheath

The Onaskin Onahole Condoms are sheaths for use specifically with onaholes or masturbator toys. If you find onahole maintenance a burden or want your toys to last longer, the best method is to suit up when using them. Not only does the Onaskin help in this respect, it also adds a further layer of stimulation and texture to the penetration experience. For the best results, be sure to use one in conjunction with the lubricant included in each pack.

Onaskin Onahole Condom
Onaskin Onahole Condom

Onaskin Onahole Condom

Onaskin Onahole Condom

The Onaskin Onahole Condom features:

  • Pack of 10 (each pack has four condoms)
  • For use with onahole/masturbator toys
  • Each pack also contains lubricant
  • Onahole/masturbator not included (example of usage only)
  • Do not use as a regular condom (not a contraceptive device)

US$ 32
Shipping weight: 1Kg / 2.2lbs

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