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Onanee Onariko Cup

Parody Calbee Jagarico snack onacup set

Japanophiles will quickly spot that the Onanee Onariko Cup is a parody of Jagarico, the potato crisp sticks made by Calbee. Famously, these come in "pots" that you pop open to get at the long, thin snacks. Well, the packaging for this onacup is deceptively similar, even down to the giraffe character mascot. The contents are very different, though.

Onanee Onariko Cup

Inside you will find a snug love tunnel (designed to be straight and long, just like Jagarico) offering convenient, tight stimulation. Squeeze the cup to adjust the pressure while you are exploring the inside. This is a pack of two cups.

Onanee Onariko Cup

The Onanee Onariko Cup features:

  • Pack of two
  • Made in Japan

US$ 9

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