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Nippori Gift Lucky Box Toys Bundle (Large)

Limited-edition sex toy set

The Nippori Gift Lucky Box Toys Bundle (Large) is a big pack of adult toys from Nippori Gift, one of the leading brands in the industry. Available in strictly limited numbers during the end-of-year season in 2021/22, the box contains a random choice of Nippori Gift toys, lubricants, and more. This is a fantastic bundle offering a great selection of toys at a much cheaper price than if purchased individually.

Specs and Features:

  • Random choice (cannot select)
  • More than 3 times cheaper than if items are purchased separately
  • Examples of contents: vibrator, lubricant, lingerie, onahole/masturbator, DVD, etc.
  • Images show examples only
  • Limited availability
US$ 54

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