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Nasty Crest Sexy Body Stickers

Tribal design temporary body tattoos

US$ 9

Do you want to surprise your partner with a sexy tatted look, but are not yet ready to commit to inking your skin for the rest of your life? The Nasty Crest Sexy Body Stickers help you out of that dilemma. Simply dampen the tattoo stickers and place them on your body. Hide them under your skirt or panties, and then let your special someone discover this very special surprise. They will love the badass look the temporary "nasty crest" tattoos give your body! Once you are done, you can easily peel them off without leaving any permanent marks!

Nasty Crest Sexy Body Stickers
Nasty Crest Sexy Body Stickers

The Nasty Crest Sexy Body Stickers feature:

  • Temporary tattoos ("nasty crest" style)
  • Easy to apply
  • Tattoo fetish
  • Tribal design
  • Usage instructions: 1. Cut your favorite design out with scissors. 2. Clean the part of your skin that you want to apply the design to. 3. Peel off the transparent protective sheet. 3. Press design onto your skin and dampen with a wet cloth for a minute before peeling off. 4. Carefully wipe off excess moisture. 5. Dab the pattern with a cotton pad soaked in alcohol or baby oil for a nice finish
  • Do not use on damaged skin. Do not continue using if using the stickers causes rashes or pain
  • Instructions: Japanese
  • Made in Japan
US$ 9

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