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Nao Yoshizaki Meiki no Shoumei

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From Japan's top series of best-selling onaholes!

World-famous AV star Nao Yoshizaki doesn't take it in just one opening, so why should her signature onahole? The Nao Yoshizaki Meiki no Shoumei of the infamous Meiki series has two tight pleasure holes for double the fun (and even includes a separate mini-lotion for each). The vaginal entryway features a g-spot that feels like the real thing, and both feature ridged, elastic interiors that grip you just like a girl in the throes of sexual ecstasy.

Nao Yoshizaki Meiki no Shoumei

This hole is one of our densest, weighing at over 3 pounds- the extra mass really adds to the realism and makes using this hole that much more intense.

Nao Yoshizaki Meiki no Shoumei

The Nao Yoshizaki Meiki no Shoumei features:

  • 3D molding
  • Dual Vaginal and anal entryways
  • Dense, soft, and lifelike material
  • Internal pleasure ridges and variable-width design
  • 100% hypo-allergenic silicone
  • Two mini lotion packs included
  • Manual: Japanese
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