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My Wife Type Natsune by Dekunoboo

Plush doll foam cushion set

To purchase a My Wife Natsune doll, please see our new product pages per Body Type: Type G or Type S.

If you like your partners meek and sweet then Natsune is for you. She's part of the My Wife series of Dekunoboo plush dolls, recreating the pleasure of a spouse without any of the hassle. Instead Natsune has an achingly beautiful pair of breasts and a mild, "sleeping"-style expression on her cute face.

My Wife Type Natsune by Dekunoboo

An ideal companion for doggy or missionary positions, you'll never hear "I'm not in the mood tonight" from this lady!. Even better, Natsune comes in two versions: G type has a larger bust and hips, while the more slender S doll also includes a matching bra and panties as your playtime props. Both doll feature a luscious wig and room for an onahole you-know-where...

My Wife Type Natsune by Dekunoboo

The My Wife Type Natsune features:

  • Choose between S or G Doll
  • S Doll includes bra and panties
  • Height: about 90cm (35.4")
  • Bust: about 63cm (24.8") (S Doll), about 80cm (31.5") (G Doll)
  • Waist: about 48cm (18.9")
  • Hips: about 89cm (35") (S Doll), about 96cm (37.8") (G Doll)
  • Does not include onahole
  • Includes semi-long wig
  • Recommended onaholes are available below
  • As they are made to order, Dekunoboo dolls cannot be canceled after an order has been placed. Please allow some extra days for delivery.

US$ 696
(Option prices include additional shipping costs if applicable)
Shipping weight: 4.6Kg / 10.12lbs

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