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My Girl Wet Liquid Lube

Moist-protective lubricant

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This cosplay and manga-themed lotion is easy on the skin due to its mild acidity, meaning you won't get any nasty reactions when you are getting yourself or your partner nice and wet. What's more, the My Girl ("Boku onna") lube is a moist-protective compound, so it protects that cool wetness rather than drying up and spoiling the fun. Coming in an easy-to-apply bottle, this 100ml lubricant will be useful for those occasions of real sex or those times when you are just enjoying your favorite onahole (or two!).

My Girl Wet Liquid Lube

The My Girl Wet Liquid Lube features:

  • Easy-on-skin type
  • Moist-protective ingredients
  • Volume: 100ml (3.4 fl oz)

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