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Miracle Angel Body Aya

Double hole F-cup masturbator doll

Her name is not just decorative. It really is the only way to describe her. The Miracle Angel Body Aya shows you what a Japanese girl with a slender waist and generous bust is like, complete with graceful thighs that you can grip as you insert yourself deep into her body.

Miracle Angel Body Aya

Those very beautiful breasts are an amazing F-cup, which should keep you more than occupied, and that's even before you start exploring the two tight holes - anal and vaginal - that Aya's glorious body has. This is a perfect replica of a Japanese porn star killer body.

Miracle Angel Body Aya

The Miracle Angel Body Aya features:

  • Total length: 87cm (2.9 ft)
  • F-cup bust
  • Weight: 16kg (35.2 lb)
  • Double hole
  • Non-air release hole type

Miracle Angel Body Aya
US$ 504

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