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Men's Stamina Spray

Male sexual endurance ointment

Last longer and satisfy your partner more with the Men's Stamina Spray. Squirt a little on your lower abdomen (especially you know where) and rub it into your skin for the best results. Containing plenty of natural plant extracts, this power-boosting spray keeps you busy all night long.

Mens Stamina Spray

The Men's Stamina Spray features:

  • For men
  • Male sexual endurance ointment
  • Spray type
  • Use 3-5 minutes before sex/penetration
  • 10 ml (0.3 fl oz)
  • Ingredients: water, ethanol, glycerin, galana seed extract, maca extract, polysorbate 20, jojoba seed oil, menthol, phenoxyethanol, etc.
US$ 16

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