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Tattooed ass and hips

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From Queenbee and DMM, the makers of the retro Primavera Onahole, now comes its partner, the Megahipper, a nearly life-sized masterpiece recreating the buttocks and hips of the female form. Stand her up on a surface and she's ready for your attention!


Those butt cheeks are fully squeezable for a good reason - you can grip them while you are exploring the deep, deep hole inside. You will love the feeling of the Seventies as you get into the groove of those giant, kissable lips down you-know-where. This lady's even got a chili pepper tattoo on her ass, she's that hot!


The Megahipper features:

  • Near life-size buttocks and hips masturbator x1
  • Size: 28 x 22 x 10.5cm (11 x 8.7 x 4.1")
  • Double hole
  • Buttocks are squeezable
  • Tattoo mark on left buttock

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