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Loli Tube Hinachi Onahole

Japanese girl virgin otaku idol masturbator

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Created from a Japanese SNS video site, Hinachi is part of the Loli Tube series of virgin onahole masturbators. Celebrating the very best and sexiest of Japanese moe otaku subcultures, this super soft and swirling hole will curl and twist around your member as you explore the inner recesses of a young Japanese lady as much as you want.

Loli Tube Hinachi Onahole

Lube up, grip up and go plunging. Believe us, you will get to know this cute minx a helluva lot better in next to no time! The passage has been crafted to provide nubbed and intricate tickling on your head as you go in and out, starting with ribs and finishing with a bed of bumps to stimulate the tip of your member. The meandering texture on the exterior, meanwhile, add excellent support and gripping potential too.

Loli Tube Hinachi Onahole

The Loli Tube Hinachi features:

  • Size: 5.5 x 13.5cm (2.2 x 5.3")
  • Non-air hole type masturbator
  • Includes lotion (80ml, 2.7 fl oz)

Loli Tube Hinachi Onahole
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