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Local Used Panties (Niigata)

Worn underwear fetish item

Hailing from the Furumachi central district of Niigata City, the girl who originally owned each pair of these Local Used Panties (Niigata) is an innocent provincial girl who doesn't understand how her panties keep going missing. Little does she know that someone is selling them on for a profit. Living a sheltered life in the north of Japan, she's not sure why her intimate parts get wet and tingly whenever she sees her next-door neighbor working out but she knows she likes it. Play with these panties while you touch yourself as you imagine undressing the naive young woman they used to belong to.

Local Used Panties (Niigata)

The Local Used Panties (Niigata) features:

  • Simulates look and feel of used panties
  • Includes 1 pair of panties
  • Color and design may vary from image (example only)
  • Please note that this item cannot be returned
US$ 10
US$ 12

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