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Little Sister Hug Pillow

Double Hole Love Doll Underwear Set

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We all like our friend's sisters, right? There's always something charming and seductive about them - probably because it is a no-go area. Well, now it's not! The Little Sister Hug Pillow is a cushion you can hold very, very tightly, and get as intimate as you like with!

Little Sister Hug Pillow

Shapely and with realistic grippable texture, the Little Sister will be very soon your new best friend! Dress her up in the underwear, slip in your favorite onahole into the deep front passage - and then you just hold her wherever you want her! On her back, sitting on top of you…she is yours for the taking! The included rotor goes into the back passage and will give you plenty of good vibrations when you're inside her!

Little Sister Hug Pillow

The Little Sister Hug Pillow features:

  • Cushion in shape of girl
  • Has anal and vaginal holes
  • Insert onahole into front hole
  • Includes mini vibrator to be inserted into anal hole
  • Includes underwear
  • Size: 490 x 570 x 860mm (19.3 x 22.4 x 33.9")
  • Front hole depth: 90mm (3.5"), expands x 1.85
  • Anal hole depth: 120mm (4.7")

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