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Lacy Open-Crotch Male Thong White

Sexy, revealing underwear for men

Why should ladies get all the good underwear? Guys want to seduce partners too and some also want to explore their feminine side. The Lacy Open-Crotch Male Thong White is an attractive pair of underwear that accentuates your waist with the thin sides, begging you to slip them off or your partner to reach up and do it for you. Don't be fooled by the innocent color. The loose hole in the middle for your flaccid penis to hang through (or stand through if you're erect!) means these are very kinky and dirty indeed! The back is a subtle semi-thong that hints at your buttocks but keeps things under wraps (at least for now!).

Specs and Features:

  • For men
  • Lacy
  • With hole/opening for penis
  • Semi-thong back
  • Size: M
  • Waist: 76 cm (30")
US$ 7

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