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Lacy Open-Crotch Male Thong Black

Sexy, revealing underwear for men

The Lacy Open-Crotch Male Thong Black proves that it's not only the ladies who get to wear sexy underwear. Borrowing the style and allure of women's lingerie, this men's item is a unique blend of masculine and feminine. Black (that classic color for seductive lingerie) and with lacy motifs around the sides that invite your partner to stroke your waist, the front features a convenient opening for your penis to hang through, looking enticing when flaccid and outright inviting when erect. At the back, the underwear narrows into a subtle thong that puts most of your buttocks on firm display.

Specs and Features:

  • For men
  • Sheer and lacy
  • With hole/opening for penis
  • Thong back
  • Size: M
  • Waist: 76 cm (30")
US$ 7

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