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Kosaka Meguru Clone Meiki

Suction AV onahole

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Introducing the all-new Kosaka Meguru Clone Meiki! Modeled after generously-bosomed AV actress Kosaka Meguru, its "Illusion 3D Trap" design sure to leave you quivering. Your experience begins as many do, with an easy entry into a soft, supple onahole, but then the passage inside begins to twist and turn, increasing suction and drawing you closer to the "instant death" at the end of the chamber.

Kosaka Meguru Clone Meiki
Kosaka Meguru Clone Meiki

The Kosaka Meguru Clone Meiki features:

  • Meiki onahole based on AV star Meguru Kosaka
  • Length: 14.5cm (5.7")
  • Material: Elastomer β 2009
  • Mini-lotion included
  • Instructions: Japanese

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