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Koe de Ochigoto Moe Voice Onahole

Onahole and idol sex CD

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Fans of anime girls and moe idol culture will find their fantasies brought to both physical and audio life with this superb, innovative adult toy. The Koe de Ochigoto (embarrassed voice) harnesses the charms of a couple of ladies firstly as a quality onahole to simulate the experience of penetration, and secondly as a CD to provide her responses and conversation as you seduce her. While the ladies recorded the CDs, there were some men on hand in the studio to provide stimulation and capture their real reactions!

Koe de Ochigoto Moe Voice Onahole

There are two lovely young ladies to choose from. Hana Kanazawa has a "manko sonic" (super pussy) with a hole full of generous up-and-down bumps that will squeeze you towards the tight inside. Meanwhile, Mayui Aina has an opening that is stepped and cushioned, allowing you to slide into the ribbed entrance, pushing deeper into the super nubbed inner chambers.

Koe de Ochigoto Moe Voice Onahole

Each girl's voice and responses to your seduction also sounds different depending on whose CD you get. Hana has a high voice, feminine and gentle. Mayui is soft and natural, and she lets you know exactly what she wants you to do. Hear their cries and moans as your foreplay and penetration drives them into a frenzy!

Koe de Ochigoto Moe Voice Onahole

The Koe de Ochigoto features:

  • Choose between Hana Kanazawa or Mayui Aina versions
  • Hana Kanazawa weight: 384g (13.5 oz)
  • Mayui Aina weight: 374g (13.2 oz)
  • Includes CD of "Moe erotic drama" (Japanese, 50- and 33-minutes respectively)
  • Includes lotion (300ml, 10.1 fl oz)
  • Click here to listen to the sample voice

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