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Insert Futamata Cushion Pillow

Tama Toys dakimakura body pillow

The Insert Futamata Cushion Pillow is a new version of the bestselling Insert Air Pillow Futamata dakimakura by Tama Toys. You can enjoy the same covers, the same long legs, and the realistic dimensions of the body pillow, but this time there's no need for air and the padding creates a fantastic texture when you hold her tight. The size can be adjusted and tightened, while the side pockets even give you the possibility to add extra stuffing inside. Of course, this pillow is fully compatible with the regular Insert Air Pillow Futamata covers and there's also a slot for your favorite onahole or masturbator toy to go between her legs.

Insert Futamata Cushion Pillow
Insert Futamata Cushion Pillow

The Insert Futamata Cushion Pillow features:

  • Cushion version of original Insert Air Pillow Futamata body/hug dakimakura
  • With legs
  • No air required
  • No cover included (pillow only)
  • Compatible with Insert Air Pillow Futamata covers
  • Dimensions: 50 x 150 cm (20 x 59")
  • With onahole/masturbator slot
  • We recommend wrapping the onahole in a plastic bag before insertion to help secure the toy in the slot
  • Basic starter onahole included
  • Compatible with onaholes up to approx. 800g (28 oz) in weight
  • Size can be adjusted
  • Side pockets allow you to add more stuffing
  • Two types of materials help prevent onahole/masturbator from sinking into the cushion during use

US$ 94

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