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Hida Ibo Max Masturbator Set

Pair of vacuum onaholes

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Two for one, and double the orgasm, with this "max" set of tight, devilishly good masturbators. The Hida Ibo Max is a pair of onaholes made from an innovative new material, giving birth to original pleasures that differ for each hole. The two variations are hard and grip your cock thanks to the "Maxgel" construction and vacuum passage design.

Hida Ibo Max Masturbator Set

What's more, the two holes are also brilliantly crafted for solid, dependable sensations every time. The purple Hida Max hole is a long swirling passage of curving intensity, while the red Ibo Max masturbator will tickle and stimulate you to an insane degree in four separate zones of nubs and strokers.

Hida Ibo Max Masturbator Set

The Hida Ibo Max Masturbator Set features:

  • Set including both Hida Max and Ibo Max masturbators
  • Total length: 165mm (6.5") each
  • Weight: 240g (8.5 oz) each
  • Materials: TPE
  • Non-air release hole type masturbators
  • Mini lotion included
  • Made in Japan

Hida Ibo Max Masturbator Set
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