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Hand Made Leather Hand Spanking Paddle

Palm-shaped bondage toy

Tennosuke make bondage toys at the top end of the scale - these are for S&M players who understand quality and take their sex lives seriously! This superb Hand Spanking Paddle is a short leather pad shaped just like a flat palm. But that extra ruler insider adds a kick just your plain flesh cannot deliver. Available in a choice of three striking colors, this spanking tool will give you the power you want, though its relative softness also makes it suitable for less experienced bondage practitioners.

Hand Made Leather Hand Spanking Paddle

The Tennosuke Hand Spanking Paddle features:

  • Flat palm-shaped leather spanking toy
  • Color: red, black, white
  • Semi-soft type (rating 2/5 on hard scale)
  • Size: 12 x 28cm (12 x 28")
  • Made to order: please allow an extra week till delivery

US$ 74
(Option prices include additional shipping costs if applicable)

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